All Hands on Deck: BYU Nursing Students Onboard the USNS Mercy

By Calvin Petersen As BYU nursing students and faculty boarded the thousand-bed floating hospital moored in San Diego Bay, they realized their experience on the USNS Mercy was going to be more than just salutes and strict rules. Over the next two days, they had the unique opportunity to see firsthand how the military caresContinue reading “All Hands on Deck: BYU Nursing Students Onboard the USNS Mercy”

Graduating from the Classroom to the Delivery Room

By Calvin Petersen Perhaps more than anything, graduation is a time for questions. Those graduating ask questions like: Will I get more sleep now? What am I going to do with my life? Will I live where I want to? Will I find a job? Will I be any good at it? Those who aren’tContinue reading “Graduating from the Classroom to the Delivery Room”

The Glory of Nursing

By Jonathan Schroeder When people ask me what I do for work, I tell them that my job is to make nursing students look good. What I don’t tell them is that sometimes I wonder why they pay me to do it (or anyone else for that matter). During my six months working for theContinue reading “The Glory of Nursing”

If You Click On This Article, All of Your Wildest Dreams Will Come True

By Steven Tibbitts Steven Tibbitts has worked as a Public Relations Assistant in the BYU College of Nursing since August 2016. He is a Middle East Studies/Arabic major with a minor in International Strategy and Diplomacy. I confuse people when I meet them. It’s quite entertaining. Usually it starts when I go to one ofContinue reading “If You Click On This Article, All of Your Wildest Dreams Will Come True”

Debbie Edmunds: Nurturing Through Nursing

By Jonathan Schroeder Debbie Edmunds, then a mission nurse, was just getting ready for bed when the call came. It must have been the third or fourth call she received that night, yet she still reached for the phone with the same loving eagerness she always did. When she answered, Edmunds could hear a youngContinue reading “Debbie Edmunds: Nurturing Through Nursing”