“A Really Good Big Deal”

Conducting cancer research with some of the best scholars in the field? Working in world-class facilities? Plus a stipend? And getting your name on a published article as an undergrad? While this may sound too good to be true, three BYU College of Nursing students will be living the dream while working as student internsContinue reading ““A Really Good Big Deal””

BYU Nursing Student Kimi Stevenson Learns the Cost of Empathy

By Calvin Petersen As a nurse in good health, helping others is effortless. But when a nurse is at their worst health ever, helping others becomes remarkable. Kimi Stevenson, a BYU nursing student, woke up one night in the most pain of her life. She described it as if somebody was repeatedly stabbing a knifeContinue reading “BYU Nursing Student Kimi Stevenson Learns the Cost of Empathy”