What to Expect at Night of Nursing

You’ve been driving for twenty minutes now. You strain to see what the name of the next road is, and then hurriedly signal to get in the other lane. A few minutes and only two wrong turns later, you pull up in front of the house. You check the address—yep, this is it.

There is a sign on the door with BYU College of Nursing logo. That’s a good sign. But you’re a little hesitant—you’ve never been to a Night of Nursing event. Are you dressed to the occasion? What’s about to happen? You reach to knock on the door and…


If this sounds like your thought process while getting ready for this year’s Night of Nursing event, then take a second to relax. If you’re debating between the pearl earrings and the diamonds, then take a second to stop and read some of our FAQs about the Night of Nursing to put your mind at ease.

What is the Night of Nursing?

Night of Nursing is a series of nationwide gatherings hosted by the BYU College of Nursing. There are over 40 sites across the country where BYU College of Nursing alumni and friends will gather to talk, reminisce, and listen to a live broadcast featuring Sister Barbara Perry.

When is this again?

Most events will be on March 1, 2018. The main broadcast starts at 7:30 pm MST, but events outside of Mountain Standard Time are adjusting their start times as needed. A few locations are doing the events on days other than March 1. Check our website (https://www.nightofnursing.com/getting-there) for information on dates and times. Some event hosts have also created Facebook events with extra details.

Who is hosting the events?

It depends on the location. In some places College of Nursing alumni will be hosting, whereas in others local BYU alumni chapters organize the events.

Are these gatherings formal?

No. The Night of Nursing events are meant to be informal social gatherings (if you’re feeling wild you can use the word “party”) where alumni will network, talk, and just have a good time while hearing Sister Perry speak. So yes, you can leave the stilettos or the tux at home.

What will we do?

It depends on the host, but most events will be loosely structured, allowing time for alumni to network and connect. There are some fun little party games included in the host kit that we send out, so those may be featured. You may sing part of the hymn “Lord I Would Follow Thee” since the fifth and sixth verses were written for the College’s 50th anniversary. At 7:30 pm MST most locations will tune in to Sister Perry’s broadcast. Most parties will probably end after the broadcast, so expect between 1.5 and 2 hours for the event.

Do I need to bring anything?

No. Hosts have been provided with all the materials needed for the event.

Can I bring a plus-one?

Yes. Just RSVP either on our website or with the host to let them know.

Are the events only for BYU Nursing alumni?

No. The events are open to anyone (even from schools to the north) interested in listening to Sister Perry or connecting with BYU Nursing.

Are the events designed to recruit prospective students for BYU Nursing?

The events are not designed to be recruiting sessions, though people interested in BYU Nursing are welcome to attend and meet alumni.

Will there be food?

It depends on the host.

Who is Barbara Perry?

Sister Barbara Perry was a member of the BYU College of Nursing faculty for four years. She is also the widow of Elder L. Tom Perry.

Where do I RSVP?

Either RSVP on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/BYUNursing/) or on our Night of Nursing website (https://www.nightofnursing.com/rsvp).

There is not a location in my area. What do I do?

We will be posting the video of Sister Perry on our YouTube channel the day after the event (youtube.com/byunursing). If you would be interested in hosting an event at your location next year, please contact us at nursingpr@byu.edu. We also will be live streaming the event on our Facebook page.

A note to alumni chapter heads—hosting a Night of Nursing events is a great way to meet the requirements of the True Blue chapter recognition.

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