BYU Receives 3 out of 4 Outstanding Nurse Practitioner Awards

By Calvin Petersen The Utah Nurse Practitioners association selects four nurses from the entire state each year to receive the distinctions of Excellence in Leadership, Outstanding Nurse Practitioner Student, Excellence in Research and Clinical Practice. For 2017, BYU College of Nursing was well represented by receiving three of the four awards. Dr. Beth Luthy, RyanContinue reading “BYU Receives 3 out of 4 Outstanding Nurse Practitioner Awards”

From Tourette’s to Nursing School

By Calvin Petersen Jared Lorimier understands first-hand what suffering from a medical disorder is like. He developed the motor and vocal tics of Tourette’s Syndrome when he was eight years old. “I was really confused about why I had Tourette’s and it caused me a lot of grief and pain,” says Jared, a native ofContinue reading “From Tourette’s to Nursing School”