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My Career as an Adrenaline Junkie

I was a graduate in the fourth graduating class of our great college of nursing. I am an adrenaline junkie and had a fabulous 50-year career as a certified emergency nurse and mobile intensive care nurse. I had the pleasure of precepting many RNs and paramedics and saved many lives with the help of the Holy Ghost and the educational start at BYU.

Eleanore Hacking Scott (BS ’59)

Trinity Center, CA


A Lifesaving Education

As I was submitting the top three choices for my nursing capstone, I felt like I should put med/surg down as my first choice, even though I wasn’t particularly interested in that area. I was able to create a relationship with the med/surg director where I was placed and got hired there after graduation. The director was fantastic to work with, and after a few months of being there, I had my second baby. She let me come back to work PRN status and work just one shift per week, which was perfect for my family.

On Christmas Eve that year, my grandpa had a horrible, racking cough. He sounded just like the many pneumonia patients I had taken care of on the med/surg unit over the last year. He had been sick for a while but had refused to go to the doctor. Even that night as I talked to him, he wasn’t willing to seek medical help.

I talked to my mom and grandma and told them that I took care of lots of pneumonia patients in the hospital and that I thought they should take him in. They went to the ER, where the doctor diagnosed him with pneumonia and told them that they’d “gotten him there in time.” The doctor seemed to think that if they hadn’t brought him in that night, he would have died.

I’m so grateful for my nursing education and career that enabled me to save my grandpa’s life.

Julie Jacobs Taggart (BS ’07)

Orem, UT

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