Incoming Nursing Students Embrace Potential at Orientation Dinner

By Jonathan Schroeder

At the fall new student orientation dinner on Wednesday, members of the incoming class joined their peers in celebrating their acceptance into the BYU College of Nursing.

“I love being able to provide relief to others,” said Elizabeth Pace, from Missouri. “I feel like my calling is to nurture and uplift other people.”

“We need to be the best we can be so we can elevate the profession of nursing,” added another student.

Students listen to speakers at the dinner

The students—representing seventeen states and the country of Mexico—are among the highest-performing accepted students to the College of Nursing. The average GPA for the incoming class was a 3.9 and their average ACT score was 29.

“We really are so fortunate to have such great students in the program,” dean Dr. Patricia Ravert said in her address to the new students. Associate deans Dr. Jane Lassetter and Dr. Katreena Merrill also shared their gratitude and excitement with the new class.

For many of the students, the orientation provided a chance to reflect on the journey that has brought them to this point.

“Applying to the nursing program has really been an illuminating experience,” Rebecca Gabbitas from Arizona said. “I really developed a love of learning as I took the prerequisite courses for the major.”

SNA officers speak to the new students

“It’s so gratifying to be admitted to the program,” Giovanna Worley from Utah added. “Not just because you get to study what you love, but because all the work and dedication that guides you to your life’s dream.”

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