BYU Nursing Alumni Consistently Satisfied with Their Education

Every year, BYU sends out a survey to all alumni who graduated three years prior. In 2015, the graduating class of 2012 was asked about their satisfaction with BYU and their respective college.  After receiving numerous responses, BYU compiled the data and informed each college about their performance.

Over the past 12 years, between 94-97% of alumni rated their BYU experience as good or excellent, with 88% stating they would “probably or definitely” choose BYU again if given the choice.

BYU nursing alumni had the highest satisfaction rate with their major, with 100% of graduate alumni and 99% of undergraduate alumni stating that the nursing program developed their commitment to professional standards of practice.


Students study in one of the Mary Jane Rawlins Geertson Nursing Learning Center



Additionally, 99% of alumni expressed that in-class training prepared them for clinical. Specifically, when asked about the Mary Jane Rawlins Geertsen Nursing Learning Center, 100% of surveyed alumni felt that it helped bridge the gap between the classroom and clinical.

Respondents also said that their clinical experience prepared them for professional practice. Of those mentored by faculty, 97% felt that this collaborative opportunity was influential in their education.

Overall, both undergraduates and graduates have been highly satisfied with education at the BYU College of Nursing. The faculty and staff strive to increase these percentages and continue to give students the best educational experience as they learn the Healer’s art.


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