Beanies of Love

Nursing students have the opportunity to serve many people by fulfilling their clinical assignments. The following is a touching story contributed by Janet Bergera, an instructor of one of these clinical sections. 

While BYU College of Nursing students are serving our country’s veterans at the Mervyn Sharp Bennion Central Utah Veteran’s Home in Payson, one of those veterans is giving back.  This 86-old Navy veteran (name withheld for HIPAA reasons) has, for the past two semesters, knitted BYU blue and white beanie caps for each of the students doing their N292 clinicals at this facility.


He initially started making these beanies as a way to identify students at a BYU football game. This project turned into an act of love resulting in 32 beanies so far, including one for their clinical instructor, Janet Bergera, RN MSN.

It takes him about two days to complete each hat, knitted on a small plastic loom, and if he makes a mistake, he undoes the stitching and starts over.  When his yarn supply gets low, the instructor or one of the students will replenish it, making sure the colors are just right.


This act of service is not limited to nursing students either.  This octogenarian has knitted beanie hats for staff members, newborns of staff members, and fellow residents at the Veteran’s Home.  His eyes sparkle with glee and his grin is wide as he turns over these handmade gifts.  A hug or handshake is all the payment he will accept.

He truly exemplifies the motto of the facility he now calls home, “Service Before Self.”

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I am a senior at Brigham Young University. I am studying English and Portuguese. I love to read and write but most of all I love to serve others. It is my goal to make someone's day, everyday.

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