Forward Thinking Contributions

Beth Luthy is headed to San Antonio Texas where today she will become a fellow of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners.  This prestigious award is given to those whose scholarly and forward thinking contributions have led to meaningful improvements to healthcare and the Nurse Practitioner role. Beth received a fellowship last summer with the American Academy of Nursing, and this year with the AANP. She has seen numerous developments during the two and a half years she has been working on the project. To qualify for this award, she focused on two areas: clinical practice and policy making. To show there has been a significant influence in those two areas, she conducted studies all over the state of Utah. As part of her work, she also created initiatives, was involved in massive media campaigns and appeared on television to share her findings. Beth has put in significant time and effort, and has shown her overall talent for forward thinking.

Last year, Beth and Lacy Eden were involved with House Bill 221 which centered around immunization education. They informed parents on the effects and benefits of immunization and encouraged all parents to have their children receive vaccinations for school. She was also appointed to the advisory committee on childhood vaccines and has been working with the committee for a year now.

Beth is not the first fellow to come from BYU. Kent Blad and Sabrina Jarvis have also received this fellowship, the highest in the nurse practitioner realm.  Sabrina was also one of two who sponsored Beth.

Beth has been a member of the association since 2005 and is humbled to receive this nomination. She said, “It’s cool to have people who mentored and taught me, when I was a student in this program, then turn around and nominate me. It was quite an honor.” 

She also received the Fellow of the American Academy of Nurses last October. 

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