Called to Serve in Korea

Her year consisted of living in the United States, South Korea, and Ghana. Debra Wing was blessed to take a year off working at BYU to spend that time blessing others in Korea. She and her husband were called to serve in South Korea as military relations missionaries. They were especially excited to serve in this calling because they are both retired military personnel.

She had all great things to say about her experience. Through this calling, she and her husband were able to work one on one with many members of the military in South Korea and help them come closer to Christ. They had a variety of assignments during their time there and were involved in implementing different programs to those on the military base. These included the resiliency program, which involved helping families deal with military separation and learning how to stay strong, healthy and active in the church. They worked on reactivating less active members and retaining those recently baptized. They were also involved with the substance abuse program to help those struggling with different addictions and the spouses of those struggling. Much of their time was spent working with these members of the military in a variety of ways. Their days were long but they wanted to spend as much time with the soldiers as they could. Debra and her husband wanted to be sure the soldiers knew they were not just there to teach and preach, but to be a friend. As often as they could, they would spend their lunchtimes at the base to sit and chat with them.

In addition to working with the military, Debra got to use her skills as a nurse to help the missionaries all over Korea. There were elders and sisters with cases of torn toenails, sprained knees, athletes foot, stomach issues, gastroenteritis, skin legions, eyes issues and more. She was the only experienced nurse in any of the Korean missions and so she had a large impact on many missionaries. She also worked at a medical clinic and the American Red Cross where she taught disaster preparedness, emergency evacuation, CPR and advanced first aid and other special programs. Debra and her husband did even more when helping in the community at a local orphanage.

Debra said she saw miracles every day. “It was such a wonderful experience to live the gospel and to be called as a special servant 24 hours a day. Our job was to set an example and work with these people to build their testimonies and strengthen their foundation in the gospel and their families. The spirit you have with you, there is nothing quite like it.”

Only a few weeks after she arrived home from her mission, she traveled to Ghana for the public and global health clinical. They had a great experience there and an excellent group of students to work with. She is grateful for the opportunity she had to serve as a full time missionary and to those who helped her in this journey.


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