Welcoming Kim Helm to the BYU College of Nursing

We would like to welcome Kim Helm as the new dean’s executive assistant. Kim was born in Pleasant Grove, Utah and has lived there all of her life. She studied at Utah Valley University and graduated with a degree in hospitality management. Before BYU, she worked at an orthodontist office for 15 years and engineering office for the last 5 and a half years. Kim grew up close to BYU campus and enjoyed being a part of it by attending many events like education week and athletic games. She loves to do anything outdoors; camping, hiking, and all kinds of traveling. In 2013 she had the opportunity to travel to Europe and spent some time in Spain, Greece, and her favorite, Italy. She also loves Zion National Park.

Kim is an only child and grew up with her mother. Together, they cared for Kim’s great grandfather, great aunt and grandparents before they passed. By being able to care for these people for such a long time, she has a great appreciation for nursing and what nurses do for the people they care for. “They put their whole heart and soul into it and it amazes me what they do. The way the nurses took care of my family, I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for them.” She is excited to be a part of the BYU College of Nursing and looks forward to future experiences.

We would like to thank Holly Skelton for her 30 years of service to the BYU College of Nursing; 25 of those years as the dean’s executive assistant.



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