BYU Nursing Students Partner with Charity Anywhere in Ecuador

Each year, the BYU College of Nursing has the opportunity to send some experienced nursing students to a variety of countries to help administer to different public health needs. Students have been privileged to travel to Ghana, Taiwan, Washington D.C., Ecuador, and other locations, for their clinical practicum for public and global health nursing course.

On April 16, 2016, a devastating earthquake struck the country of Ecuador with overwhelming impacts. Due to this event, it was possible that the nursing students would not be able to make the trip to Ecuador this time.  However, with some inquiry, it was determined safe for the students to go.

Another organization that has helped those in Ecuador is the Charity Anywhere Foundation. This is a non-profit organization started by an LDS couple from Twin Falls, Idaho that “gives service to anyone, anywhere in the world.” The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints partnered with Charity Anywhere to help the people of Ecuador on a greater scale. The organization has been there before, but this time, the BYU nursing students helped them before reaching the country. (To learn more about Charity Anywhere and their trip to Ecuador, please visit

Stacie Hunsaker and Sondra Heaston pose for a picture with Dr. Zambrano while sorting supplies to be shipped to Ecuador.

Due to the generous contributions of BYU nursing alumni and others, there have been a number of donated supplies and kits that were used to help the people in Ecuador. With over 200 newborn kits, 300 dental kits, and 350 hygiene kits, the church used Charity Anywhere to help distribute these supplies to the Ecuadorians. BYU students will help distribute the seven large storage crates filled with supplies and also, educate about health and wellness. In 2014, 23 wheelchairs were provided as well.

Over the years, the BYU College of Nursing has received many generous donations. There were blankets and hygiene kits from previous humanitarian projects that were able to be still used in this circumstance. It is because of these contributions that so many people have been blessed and will continue to be blessed by those serving. To get involved or learn how you can contribute, please email

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