Baby app puts nursing grad on track for a job

Graduation. It’s the day you’ve been waiting for. After all final tests, late night studies and presentations, you stand ready to receive your diploma in cap and gown.

To find the first job after graduation is the goal for aspiring BYU grads. Annie Tyler, a college of nursing graduate from Merced, CA has made her time at BYU count. After graduation she will work at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth TX; it is nationally ranked 6th in pediatric specialties by the U.S. News and World Report “Best Hospitals.”

“I feel really prepared and ready to go to work,” Tyler says. “All of our classes and clinical hours we do in the program have helped me so much to feel comfortable being in the hospital.”

Tyler and two other nursing students went above and beyond their studies by developing and writing a new mobile app under the supervision of Assistant Teaching Professor Lacey Eden.

Eden and Tyler look at "Best for Baby" app that promotes medically accurate information about vaccinations for pregnant women.
Professor Eden and nursing student, Annie Tyler look at “Best for Baby” app they developed that promotes medically accurate information about vaccinations for pregnant women.

This program promotes medically accurate information about vaccinations for pregnant women and tracks the immunization schedule of infants up to two years old. Because mothers can choose the best for their baby, they called the app “best for baby.”

“I think it really helped me to see how much nurses can influence people and how powerful they are within the community,” Tyler says. “People really trust us as nurses and it is not just working in the hospital, but it is also reaching out as a whole and helping people live healthier.”

Tyler’s focus was editing and making the app at an understandable level, and felt that it gave her an advantage on good research experience for her new job. Professor Eden also played a big part in her undergraduate experience with mentoring and learning, with a friendship that can last after graduation.

“The biggest take away in all of this is, even as a nursing student I can help future generations improve their health,” Tyler says. “BYU gives you a chance to get experience and gain close relationships to instructors that are fundamental about your career and in life.”



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