Be a Voice for Patient Safety

The problem is becoming more and more serious. In 1999 Americans learned from the study, To Error is Human by the Institute of Medicine that 98,000 patients die every year from preventable errors in hospitals. In 2013, a study in the Journal of Patient Safety found an increasing number between 210,000 and 440,000 patients areContinue reading “Be a Voice for Patient Safety”

Culture Connections Pt. 3 – Finland

Brooke Stacey peered out of the sauna door as the rest of the group shuffled toward the lake. She did not want to leave the warm room for the chilly outdoors, but everyone else was going. After a few steps Stacey caught up with the group, now standing on the dock. “Okay, we jump inContinue reading “Culture Connections Pt. 3 – Finland”