Last-Minute Halloween Ideas FOR SCRUBS

Halloween is in two days! Trick-or-treaters will be coming to your house dressed up as princesses, zombies, and sometimes even both! If you’ve been too busy to get a costume ready, look no further than this list for some last-minute costumes you can do with just a pair of scrubs and a couple accessories!

Skeleton costume from Instructables

Skeleton: take a dark pair of scrubs and safety pin on white fabric cut out in the shape of bones. BONUS: turn your costume into a learning opportunity to teach anatomically correct names for various bones like the fingers *AHEM* phalanges. Find a great tutorial for fabric bones at Thrifty Fun or get extra fancy with this fabric paint tutorial from Instructables.

Crayon costume from

Pink Panther: do you have a pair of pink scrubs sitting in the back of your closet? Add a tail and some ears and you’re ready for some Halloween sleuthing. Make a tail with just a feather boa, wire hanger, and some hot glue with this tutorial from Do It Yourself Divas. Use a headband and some felt to make some ears with this tutorial from Alpha Mom.

Crayon: wear your favorite pair of solid-colored scrubs with black adhesive felt letters and cuffs. Add a cone-shaped matching paper hat and you’re ready to add a splash of color to any Halloween gathering! Check out for an easy tutorial.

Zombie: have an old pair of scrubs? Rip them up and add some dirt and (fake) blood for good measure and you’ll look deathly good this Halloween. Go above and beyond with this amazing tutorial for makeup and special effects makeup from wikihow.

Nurse: go as a superhero in scrubs, saving lives one patient at a time!


“Superhero in Scrubs” pin available from Quill

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