Rugby players make great nurses

It’s not exactly typical for a nurse to go out and tackle someone, but three students in the BYU College of Nursing have gotten pretty good at it. Ali Smith, Jessica Peterson and Jennie Lewis are all on the BYU women’s rugby team and studying to become nurses. These women tear down the stereotype ofContinue reading “Rugby players make great nurses”

Why getting hit by a car will make you appreciate nurses

“I’m actually going to get hit,” I think as I take a final look at the car coming towards me. “Why didn’t he stop at the stop sign?” The black metal connects with my bicycle. Smack. Windshield cracks. Crunch. I hit the asphalt. I’m up. Head hurts, swimming, hot, bleeding. Somebody is asking me ifContinue reading “Why getting hit by a car will make you appreciate nurses”