Katrina Blacker (BS ’08); family nurse practitioner track; NP-C, Primary Children’s Hospital; Salt Lake City, UT.

Pui See Jenny Yeung Diehl (BS ’06), NP-C; family nurse practitioner track; former adjunct faculty member in the BYU College of Nursing; Philadelphia, PA. Jenny is married with two children.

Emily Dougall (BS ’05); family nurse practitioner track; NP-C, Ted B. Wahby Cancer Center; Chesterfield, MI.

Deborah S. Durkee APRN; family nurse practitioner track; FNP, University of Utah Healthcare pediatrics; Salt Lake City, UT.

Gina Hjorth (BS ’07) NP-c, ARNP; family nurse practitioner track; healthcare manager, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories; Pullman, WA.

BYU supplied me with excellent knowledge, experience, and a desire to continue learning.

Sailita Lohani (BS ’08) APRN, FNP-C; family nurse practitioner track; NP, Family Health Care; Boise, ID. Sailita is a member of American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP), Idaho Nurses Association and Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI). She speaks three languages and enjoys tennis, running, music, yoga, meditation and exploring new places.

Rebecca Mackintosh FNP-C; family nurse practitioner track; certified wound care nurse; American Fork, UT. Rebecca is married with four children and 13 grandchildren. She loves to travel, especially to the northwestern coastal areas. She has so many interests that she will need to live until she is 143 years old to master them all.

The instructors were exceptionally supportive. The quality of the education at BYU was stellar. I truly appreciated the focus of BYU Nursing to weave together the spiritual and the clinical. I continue to pray for guidance as I serve my patients each day before I come to work. No other school could have given me the holistic approach as BYU did.

Sharla E. Morgan (BS ’05) FNP-c, APRN; family nurse practitioner track; NP, Peak ENT and The Thyroid Institute of Utah; Provo, UT.

My education and experiences at BYU were life changing! It has brought me much joy to use the skills learned during my time at BYU to improve the lives of others.

Jann Pickens (BS ’01) FNP-c, APRN; family nurse practitioner track; emergency medicine NP, Valley Hospitals; Las Vegas, NV. Jann works in the ER and has really enjoyed being able to help the people who come through the doors and give them a relief from their pains and worries. Wshe enjoys even more than that though, is being a wife and mom to four wonderful children. She loves seeing them learn and grow and experience fun things each day. They love being outdoors, playing, working, and serving.

My experience at BYU helped prepare me for my career by giving me a solid foundation of medicine and what I needed to know to practice in any area I desired. As a result, I was able to get a job in the ER, where I see a vast array of patients and diseases.

Kris Riser; family nurse practitioner track; FNP-CUintah Basin Medical Center; Roosevelt, UT. Kris finished a post-masters certificate in July from Vanderbilt University. This degree will allow her to obtain a dual certification as an acute care NP.

I appreciated BYU’s small class sizes, excellent faculties and hands-on experience.

Laura Shellman RN, APRN; family nurse practitioner track; FNP-C, Gabert Clinic, Glendive Medical Center; Glendive, MT.

Sarah J. Slade (BS ’04); family nurse practitioner track; Gilbert, AZ.

Ann M. Webb (BS ’06); family nurse practitioner track; NP-C, Health Rejuvenation Institute; Midvale, UT.

Dan Wood; family nurse practitioner track; FNP, Northern Rockies Rural Health Clinic; Cut Bank, MT. Dan and his wife, Adrianne, have four daughters. He enjoys fly fishing, hunting and being outdoors in his spare time.

Christina Yazzie NP-c; family nurse practitioner track; FNP, Integrative Medical Associates; Orem, UT. Christina and her husband have four boys. She is an avid cyclist and competes in triathlons.

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