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1999 Graduate Kent Blad

Kent D. Blad DNP, FNP-c, ACNP-BC, FCCM, FAANP; family nurse practitioner track; associate dean and teaching professor in the BYU College of Nursing; Riverton, UT. Kent received his DNP from the University of Utah. He has been recognized as a fellow of Critical Care Medicine (2015) and a fellow of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (2008). He currently serves on the college’s volunteer leadership counceil as a member at large. He loves that nursing allows him to make a living while serving his fellow men.

Not only did BYU prepare me professionally, my experience more than prepared me for holistically treating all patients. Only part of patient care is physical; spiritual and emotional aspects are equally as critical.

Julianne B. Fallentine (BS ’89); family nurse practitioner track; NP, Dixon Health Center; Eagle Mountain, UT.

Patricia M. Gurell; health care systems administration track; psych NP, Comprehensive Care Clinic; Salt Lake City, UT.

1999 Hall, Jill
1999 Graduate Jill Hall

Jill Hall (BS ’97); family nurse practitioner track; retired FNP; Medford, OR. Jill was an oral presenter at the International Society of Heart and Lung Transplantation in 2005 and has multiple publications (abstracts and articles) in leading heart failure and nurse practitioner journals. She developed patient heart failure materials that are still used within Intermountain Healthcare (IHC). She is a mother to five children who keep her quite busy. She serves in her school’s Parent Teacher Organizations and acts as chair for many events. She runs with a group every morning and competes in a monthly race or two. She plays community softball and basketball. She served in Primary Presidencies for 15 years and was just recently put in a Young Women’s presidency. She loves working with the youth.

Brigham Young University’s FNP program was strong on clinical skills and also on enlarging our fund of knowledge. It also was excellent in developing leadership skills which I had to use immediately in my career.

Clarene Hansen NP-C ,CDE; family nurse practitioner track; diabetes education coordinator and certified insulin pump trainer, Revere Health; Provo, UT.

BYU opened doors to my advance practice career.

Steven F. Larsen (BS ’95); family nurse practitioner track; NP, Revere Health; Mapleton, UT.

Dallen K. Ormond PhD; family nurse practitioner track; NP, owner, and partner, Families First Pediatrics; and a former adjunct faculty member in the BYU College of Nursing; South Jordan, UT. Dallin received his PhD from Oregon Health and Science University. He is the president-elect for the UNPA Board (2015).

Kristie B. Rosser; family nurse practitioner track; owner and operator, Optimal Wellness; and a former adjunct faculty member in the BYU College of Nursing; Pleasant Grove, UT. Kristie is a certified bioidentical hormone therapy provider, a certified holistic health and nutrition coach, and a wellness and age management expert. She is married to College of Nursing alum Paul Rosser, and they have four children. 

Paul S. Rosser APRN; family nurse practitioner track; NP, Urology Clinic of Utah Valley; and a former adjunct faculty member in the BYU College of Nursing; Pleasant Grove, UT. Paul is married to College of Nursing alum Kristie Rosser. They have four children. Paul is an exercise enthusiast and has won several Utah Marathons as a competitive runner.

Dianne Marie Sano (AS ’77); nursing administration track; nursing supervisor, Alta View Hospital; Salt Lake City, UT. Dianne received the Nurse Manager of the Year award from IHC Urban Central Region in 2003. She has been married to her husband, Rich, for almost 30 years and they have one son. They have loved living in Salt Lake City but now look forward to living in their new home in Mesquite, NV when Dianne retires in January. Dianne loves biking, traveling, her two Shibas, Hana and Tabi, and all the many friends she has made throughout her wonderful career and all her travel experiences. She and her husband love visitors and their home is always open! Her favorite quote is: “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got!”

My degree has opened doors that would otherwise have been closed. To be able to apply for just about any position I wanted is a good feeling. I have never regretted pursuing my Master’s degree at BYU. It was a fabulous experience as well as a memorable one.

Nadine S. Shon; nursing administration track; Pullman, WA.

Susan A. Short; family nurse practitioner track; Salt Lake City, UT.

Paula G. Thacker; health care systems administration track; Sandy, UT.

Allison Whitmore (BS ’85); nursing administration track; Orem, UT.

Melissa Zito RN; health care systems administration track; American Indian and Alaska Native health liaison and health policy consultant, Utah Department of Health; Salt Lake City, UT. She earned the following recognitions: Outstanding & Dedicated Service Award, Indian Walk-In Center (2000-2003); Utah’s American Indian Outstanding State Program Manager (2006); Francis T. Ishida Award for Excellence in Service to Beneficiaries of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (2008); Honors for Nursing (2009); Those Who Dare to Care, University of Utah College of Nursing (2009); National Children’s Study Appreciation for Service on Salt Lake County Community Advisory Board (2012); Molina Healthcare Community Champion Award (2013); Governor’s Award for Excellence nominee (2015) She is the proud mother of a wonderful, lovely and very talented daughter that is an exceptional artist and figure skater, and brings great joy to her life. She loves to garden; working outside and with the dirt is very relaxing. She loves to watch vegetables grow from seed into something you can eat. Her favorite quote is: “If you always think like you’ve always thought, you will always get what you’ve always got.” Melissa earned her BS in Anthropology; Great Basin Cultures from the University of Utah. Her favorite nursing theorist is Madeleine M. Leininger. Leininger’s work inspired her to blend her nursing and anthropology degrees together to do the work she does. Linking one’s inculcation of values, beliefs and assumptions as strands connecting caring and health is critical to improving the overall health and well-being among diverse communities..

I worked closely with nursing experts in Quantitative Analysis and Trans-cultural Nursing. At the time, they were the only faculty in Utah who would be able to promote my vision and work to better understand the Indian Health System in the United States, the region and Utah. To this day, I utilize most of what I learned in graduate school.

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