Jennifer Hammond Anderson ACCN, FNP; nursing administration track; Providence, UT. Jennifer is a doula and a doula educator. She enjoys helping other women to learn how to make the birthing process an incredible one. She is a mother of two.

Lois M. Brandriet PhD, APRN, GCNS-BC, NCG; nursing administration track; professional guardian/care manager, Guardian Advocate Services; Salt Lake City, UT. Lois is also a former faculty member in the BYU College of Nursing. She earned a PhD in nursing from the University of Utah in 1993.

My experience in the Graduate Program at BYU was phenomenal! It integrated theoretical, clinical and research aspects of nursing while simultaneously allowing me to focus on a specific area–gerontology–throughout all of my coursework. Faculty allowed and even encouraged me to create my own goals and gear my specific program within their framework. It was an awesome experience!

Joy S. Edvalson RN, FSP, CWOCN; nursing administration track; associate chief nurse and Wound Care Program manager, Department of Veteran Affairs, VA Medical Center; North Hills, CA. Joy has lectured at multiple conferences for both physicians and nurses. She has been integral in establishing consultative service for the Wound Care Team throughout the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System. She received the VA Secretary’s Award in 2008 for her wound care work.

Sandra L. Garity; nursing administration track; retired RN; Homer, AK. Sandra served on the executive board of the National Association of Orthopaedic Nurses from 1991 through 1993.

Debra Taylor Huber PhD, APRN; child nurse practitioner track; professor of nursing, Weber State University School of Nursing; Farmington, UT.

Janice B. Hulbert; nursing administration track; Salt Lake City, UT.

Carol G. Kingsolver (BS ’61), CNE; nursing administration track; retired from the education department, Utah Valley Regional Medical Center; Provo, UT. Carol is also a former faculty member in the BYU College of Nursing. She is an honorary member of Phi Kappa Phi (PKP). She has two sons and six wonderful grandchildren.

It broadened my horizon of things out in the world that can benefit me in the arena of nursing and particularly education. It gave me opportunities to serve and hopefully be helpful in my area of expertise. I have great memories of the College of Nursing and know how they’ve progressed through the years and do such great things.

Szu K. Lambdin APRN; NP in travel medicine; Lincoln, NE. Szu loves working with student populations because they are so young and energetic. She loves to talk with them about their travel plans, experiences and future dreams. In her free time she likes to watch TV, quilt and do crafts.

Kathryn Painter (BS ’73); nursing administration track; Orem, UT.

Laura Poe (AS ’84, BS ’85); nursing administration track. Laura worked as an operating room RN at Holy Cross Hospital for many years and later served as the executive director of the Utah Nurses Association. She went on to work for the Utah Division of Professional Licensure where she played an integral role in the last three Nurse Practice Acts. She worked tirelessly to establish interstate licensure through compacts between states while serving on the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. She also contributed to various field of nursing practice and regulation while serving there. Laura will be remembered for her sense of adventure and unwavering love for her family. Laura died April 2012.

Susan K. Rasmussen; advanced practice track; nursing director, USU Uintah Basin Nursing Program; Vernal, UT.

Sheryl J. Roper; advanced practice track; Logan, UT.

Karin J. Swendsen; nursing administration track; Springville, UT. Karin served as Director of Nursing at Utah Valley University for 29 years. She retired in 2000. She and her husband had two children, Mike and Michelle. Karin died November 2015.

Harry A. Wesche RN, CRN, CRRN; retired nursing instructor, Salt Lake Community College; Bountiful, UT. Harry worked as a space nurse on the Enterprise. He was the first male nurse, and the only nurse, in the space program. He has been included in 3 publications of “Who’s Who in Nursing” and in the book Vietnam Nurses. He worked on the research team for hemorrhagic fever (now called Ebola) . He worked closely with the head researcher, also from BYU, who found the cause of Bolivian hemorrhagic fever. Harry is the proud father of 5 boys, one of whom is also a nurse. His wife is an RN as well.

BYU helped me to fulfill my desire of teaching. It gave me more of an opportunity to do that after I retired from the Air Force.