Roberta Susan Clough; former faculty member in the BYU College of Nursing. Susan loved to sing and was a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. She loved to serve others and had a great enthusiasm and sense of humor. She loved working with the missionaries at the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo, UT. She founded her life on the phrase “What would Christ want me to do?” She had four wonderful children. She will be remembered for her constant love and sincere dedication to all those around her. Susan died March 29, 1996.

Karen Pool; neuroscience nursing track; West Jordan, UT. Karen in currently serving a mission at the Riverton Family History Library, teaching staff and patrons the joys of “hastening the work” while turning hearts to their fathers.

I’ve always had a love of learning and in how the body functions in health or disease. My level of practice now is in helping my aging neighbors with issues such as meds, rehab issues post knee replacements, etc.

Donna E. Spencer; Circleville, OH.

Karyn Takeuchi; family nurse practitioner track. As a student she directed the Navajo Mountain Clinic. While there she reported, “the BYU program has given me lots of extra skills I didn’t have in diagnosing and treating.”