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Listen up! Download our original college-inspired Healer’s Art wallpaper for your computer

Here’s something to make your heart rate increase. The premier digital wallpaper from the BYU College of Nursing is now available for you to download on your desktop computer or laptop. It features a beautiful design using the college’s logo, with a focus on the Healer’s art. So whether you are learning or applying this concept, its message will help you recall your purpose as a nurse. Subtle icons also remind you to connect with the college in its social media efforts.


1920 x 1080

1920 x 1080

  1. Click on 1920 x 1080 image (it will open in the same screen)
  2. Right-click on mouse button to select ‘Save image as…’
  3. Choose directory or location to place file, such as Desktop or Pictures folder
  4. From File Explorer, find saved image and right-click on it; select ‘Set as desktop background’
  5. You may have to adjust the image if your Windows defaults stretch or tile it: right-click anywhere on your desktop and select ‘Personalize’ then ‘Desktop Background’ link at bottom of window. Adjust the Picture Position to ‘Fit’ and Save Changes.


2880 x 1800

2880 x 1800

  1. Click on 2880 x 1800 image (it will open in the same screen)
  2. Drag image to desktop to save, then place in iPhoto or Pictures folder as desired
  3. Open System Preferences and select Desktop & Screen Saver
  4. Select the image from your saved location; based on system defaults, choose ‘Fit to Screen’ from drop-down menu and close system screens

We are not sure of the interest level for this item. If you would like us to consider additional screen sizes (or even mobile versions), please send a message to Thanks.

BYU Well-Represented by Students at NSNA Convention

Eight nursing students and three faculty members had the opportunity to attend the National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA) 63rd Annual Convention last month in Phoenix, Arizona. At the convention the BYU College of Nursing was recognized with the renewal of its Stellar School award. But that wasn’t the only award BYU and its students received! Jenna Bowles took first place in the NSNA/ essay contest and David Adams successfully proposed a new resolution that NSNA has since adopted.

Photo courtesy of Stacie Hunsaker, SNA faculty advisor

Jenna Bowles, second from the right, accepts award. Photo courtesy of Stacie Hunsaker, SNA faculty advisor

Recent graduate Jenna Bowles won for her essay on the importance of diversity and cultural awareness in healthcare and nursing. In her essay she discussed her experiences working with the veteran section of the clinical practicum for Public and Global Health nursing course. She talks about how important cultural awareness was throughout her experience and how understanding the veterans and their background allowed her and others to individually tailor treatment options to better fit each patient.

Here’s a portion of what Jenna wrote:

“To know them is to care for them better,” stated Professor Kent Blad as we began our Public and Global Health course. He continued on, “This will be our theme for the next couple months as we work with our veterans.” I was one of fifteen students who would spend a summer term working with the veteran population. Other students would be traveling to Ghana, Tonga, Taiwan, India, Finland, or Ecuador. Only a few groups would stay within the United States working with the veterans, Native Americans, refugees, and at-risk populations. At first I thought only those who traveled out of the country would have a true “global health” experience, but little did I know there was a whole culture waiting for me to discover within the veterans.

Look for Jenna’s full essay in an upcoming issue of NSNA’s Imprint magazine.

David Adams’ resolution dealt with type 2 diabetes prevention education in elementary schools. He contested that it is a preventable disease that elementary school programs could help to prevent. He cited educational programs from other countries that had been successful in helping children and families to modify their lifestyles and prevent diabetes.

After establishing these facts David asked NSNA to encourage individual members and nursing schools to support policies that allow for further education on the prevention of this disease in elementary schools. He also asked NSNA to encourage student nurses to develop these Type 2 diabetes prevention education programs in elementary schools. Lastly, he asked that the NSNA send a copy of his resolution to various associations having to deal with diabetes education, public health, and nursing. All of these resolutions passed.

See David’s (Resolution 28) and other resolutions from the convention at

BYU College of Nursing recognized with Stellar School Award Renewal

NSNA-StellarChapterThe National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA) once again recognized the BYU College of Nursing with its Stellar School Award. Initially granted in 2010, the award designated the school as a Stellar School through 2014. The award was renewed this year, granting the BYU College of Nursing with Stellar School status for the next five years and demonstrating the college’s continual dedication to academic and professional excellence.

As one of only 24 schools in the nation to currently hold the Stellar School status, this award establishes the BYU College of Nursing as a leader in nursing education. The award is granted to schools that demonstrate excellence in five categories dealing with school-wide participation in NSNA as well as the school’s individual commitment to the professional development of their students and faculty.

The receipt of this award demonstrates the BYU College of Nursing’s encouragement of their students to further their education by taking advantage of NSNA resources such as NSNA’s annual convention held every spring. At this convention students have the opportunity to attend workshops and presentations, learn about current trends and issues in the nursing profession and participate in social events. All of these activities help student nurses to further their future career by expanding their skillset and professional network.Stellar School Award

Dean Ravert, in green on the right, accepts the award. Image courtesy of NSNA Twitter Feed.