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Dr. Ravert among most influential nursing deans

DeanRavertCongratulations to BYU College of Nursing dean and professor Patricia Ravert for being listed as number 19 among the 30 most influential deans of nursing in the United States. Among the reasons for Dr. Ravert’s selection includes her work with simulation in nursing education, as well as the high pass rates of undergraduate students taking the NCLEX-RN certification (98.4% for 2014).

The recognition came from Mometrix Test Preparation, a privately-owned company in Texas. They develop and produce test preparation products for various industries.

See the complete listing.

Karen Lundberg: Defining Optimism and Hope

KarenLundbergAs Karen Lundberg’s children were reaching adulthood, the part-time nurse wondered how she would fill the extra time on her hands after their departure. The answer arrived at the outpatient clinic where she worked in the form of a retired BYU College of Nursing faculty member who had once taught and mentored Lundberg. As she administered to her former professor, Lundberg expressed her gratitude. “You had a tremendous effect on my life,” she said. “I now know what I want to do. I want to teach.”

Following this experience Lundberg returned to school at the University of Utah, where she finished her bachelor’s degree in nursing. She then continued her education by earning a master of science in nursing with an emphasis in nursing education, her thesis addressing nursing-student confidence—an area she still researches today.

Her recent study examined optimism, hassle levels, health, and stability of those attributes of nursing students during their second semester of nursing school. She plans further research to understand optimism and its role in adaptation in more diverse groups of student nurses throughout nursing school and as they transition to professional roles.

Lundberg (AS ’79), MS, RN, CNE, is an associate teaching professor and has taught at BYU for eight years, always going the extra mile for her students, coworkers, and family.

She codirects the refugee section of the clinical practicum for Public and Global Health Nursing with Debra Edmunds (BS ’03). The responsibility she feels for her students’ education motivated her to attend a refugee- and migrant-health class in order to create a richer experience for her session. There she learned about cultural, social, and organizational aspects of health and disease prevention, in addition to the challenges and potential solutions of resettlement. She also plans to take students with her and Edmunds to present at the North American Refugee Conference in Toronto this June.

“I understand what an incredible opportunity I have to teach BYU undergraduate students,” she says. “I know my students come to the table with wonderful ideas, characteristics, goals, and traits. I’m trying to be as good as they are. I’m trying to match my students.”

Lundberg’s dedication to training her students for careers in nursing was recently strengthened when a family member fell seriously ill.

To relieve those who had stayed near the sick family member’s bedside, Lundberg offered to stay a night at the hospital. She brushed her teeth and got into her bed, thinking about her family member’s condition. Interrupting her thoughts were the voices of nurses outside her door. Lundberg recognized the voices as former nursing students of hers.

“In an interesting turn of events, I was now the one asking for excellent care for my loved one, and I wondered if I had taught them everything,” Lundberg says.

New faculty members see Lundberg as a maternal figure who is always willing to help in any way that she can.

“New faculty are so awesome and so incredible,” Lundberg says. “Each of them has such incredible things to offer, and I do not want to lose them. I want to encourage them. I’m blown away by the caliber of people that surround me.”

In addition to presenting at various conferences this summer, Lundberg is excited to welcome her fifth and sixth grandchildren (twins) into the family.

Expect more than food at Night of Nursing Events

For many alumni and friends of the College of Nursing, not knowing what to expect at the 2nd annual Night of Nursing event may keep them from attending. Fear not; while each volunteer alumni host may conduct something different, most locations will offer this type of an evening on Thursday March 12 (for Las Vegas and San Diego areas the 13th):

  • Singing of the College Hymn—The BYU College of Nursing adopted Hymn 220, ‘Lord, I will Follow Thee,’ over 22 years ago as the third verse references…”I will learn the Healer’s art.” Some may not know that Susan Evans McCloud, the author of the hymn, wrote two additional verses for the college’s 50th anniversary (in 2002). Those at a Night of Nursing event can j20150312_092250_resizedoin together in singing these beautiful stanzas that focus on hope, strength, and serving those in need.
  • Watching a DVD tour of the Mary Jane Rawlinson Geertsen Nursing Learning Center—As you may know, the simulation lab was expanded and remodeled last summer. The new facility is amazing and features sophisticated resources that enhance the nursing student learning experience. The brief DVD message features some of the unique aspects offered in the basement of the Spencer W. Kimball Tower. As part of the video, Night of Nursing participants can play our version of an i-spy bingo game to find hidden objects in the tour.
  • Receiving a program update from Dean Patricia Ravert—The College of Nursing at Brigham Young University has experienced some growth and changes, even from last year’s update. Dr. Ravert identifies ten items of interest to alumni in a message prepared for each Night of Nursing host to read, including details on the Women’s Conference alumni board-sponsored luncheon, as well as the 40th anniversary of the college’s graduate degree.
  • Winning door prizes—Many opportunities to receive college-branded promotional items are available at a Night of Nursing event. Each location received a fleece sweatshirt, wooden picture frame, and things with the college logo like post-it notes, lip balm, and sun screen. Whether you are considered lucky or not and win a prize, all evening participants will receive a media stand as a free gift. This product can be used to hold your cell phone while on your desk, cradle a tablet/iPad for hands-free viewing, or to store business cards.
  • Eating, socializing, reminiscing, and having fun—You must expect food and the ability to visit with alumni and friends of the college while at these types of events. The purpose of the activity is to network and learn of individuals living near you, as a means for career support, professional advice, or just friendship.

2015 Night of Nursing Locations

  1. BYU Campus—Room 490 of Kimball Tower; 7pm
  1. Orem—2095 South 180 East; 7pm (host Sheri Palmer: 801-669-3932)
  1. Sandy—3859 Little Cottonwood Lane; 7pm (host Karen Lundberg: 801-518-5255)
  1. Salt Lake City—673 New Bonneville Place; 7pm (host Kathy Thatcher: 801-750-2444)
  1. North Salt Lake—1195 Sunflower Circle; 7pm (host Jennifer Hammond: 801-643-8399)
  1. Farmington—1715 Canyon Circle; 7:30pm (host Linda Mabey: 801-309-6349)
  1. Sacramento—943 Eucalyptus Street, Davis CA; 7pm. Attendees must park on street and walk down private drive (host Susan Hawkins: 530-219-1955)
  1. Orange County—67 New Dawn, Irvine CA; 7pm (host Elizabeth McCombs: 714-235-0046)
  1. San Diego—230 Joannie Way, Vista CA; Friday March 13, 7pm (host Robin Thomas: 760-522-9811)
  1. Phoenix—8335 West Dreyfus Drive, Peoria AZ; 7pm (host Cassidy Merrell:
  1. Mesa—542 West Scott Avenue, Gilbert AZ; 7pm (host Elizabeth Oborn: 602-921-2684)
  1. Gilbert—1430 East Boston Street, Gilbert AZ; 7pm (host Emily Streeter: 480-694-8449)
  1. Las Vegas—6601 West Twain Avenue, Las Vegas NV; (Las Vegas Spring Mountain Stake Center); Friday March 13, 6 pm (host Tracey Long: 702-301-9560)
  1. Boise—13267 West Foliage Court; 7pm (host Tammy Rampton: 208-954-4937)
  1. Denver—9851 Westbury Way, Littleton CO; 7pm (host Nancy Gibbs: 720-236-9316)
  1. Charlotte—675 Wisteria Walk Way, Fort Mill SC; 7pm (host Beth Vanderwalker: 803-547-8999)
  1. Minneapolis—2259 Oregon Court, St. Louis Park MN; 7:30pm (host Diane Gold: 952-546-3473)
  1. Houston—26 Melville Glen Place, The Woodlands TX; 7pm (host Kristen Delang: 408-205-4028)

What is Night of Nursing?

Night of Nursing Logo [Medium]During 2013 the College of Nursing sponsored informal “cottage meetings” in Las Vegas; Washington, DC; and the Los Angeles area that allowed local alumni to meet with Dean Ravert and hear a message about the college. However, due to the expense and also the difficulty of scheduling the dean for multiple locations, an alternate solution was developed to help nursing alumni across the country stay connected to the college while also learning of other nursing individuals in their own communities (for support and networking).

In an effort to meet those objectives, the BYU College of Nursing alumni board sponsored a Night of Nursing on Thursday, March 13, 2014. This event invited nursing alumni and friends to join in small groups around the nation to learn about current college happenings, to network, and to reminisce about university experiences.

The largest group gathered on campus in the Wilkinson Student Center, with 187 students and Utah Valley alumni attending. In the spirit of the evening, Dean Ravert dressed as Florence A Night of Nursing Nightingale and shared a message showcasing stories of growth and opportunities for the college. Participants said they enjoyed great networking opportunities with local alumni.

Additional locations in Spokane, Portland, San Francisco, Orange County, San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix, North Salt Lake, Boise, Denver, Colorado Springs, Minneapolis, Cleveland, and Charlotte involved 14 hosts and 79 alumni and friends.

Many volunteer hosts for the evening expressed how easy it was to sponsor their event because of the kit they received from the college with almost everything needed to produce their gathering: a message from the dean on DVD, college factsheets and information, and door prizes with raffle tickets.

“My event went well, as I had seven people in attendance,” says Elizabeth Manning McCombs, alumni board member and chapter chair for the Orange County area. “Everyone loved the door prizes! We are looking forward to our next event and getting the word out to more alumni in the area.”

Campaign evaluations found that participants wanted even more college program details, such as how to obtain a master’s degree or ways students earn clinical hours internationally. Many also desired scholarship information and materials on how they can give back to their alma mater.

The next Night of Nursing will be Thursday, March 12, 2015, and the college hopes to have 400 alumni connect in 20 cities. Visit to find a location near you to attend. You will be given a host name, address, and event time. RSVP and let the host know you want to participate; all guests will receive a free media stand as a gift.

Night of Nursing participants to receive free gift!

Everyone that attends an event will receive a complimentary media stand!

  • Holds cell phone while at your desk.
  • Cradles a tablet / iPad (or book) for hands-free viewing.
  • Displays business cards or mail.

All 19 locations nationwide have blue and/or black leather-like stands, with a silver plate displaying the BYU College of Nursing name in navy blue print.