Where to attend a Night of Nursing location

Please contact one of the hosts listed below to participate in a local alumni networking event; note that some cities have different start times or even dates for their activity.  Utah, Provo—BYU Campus RSVP to: 801-422-8089 or nursingpr@byu.edu Thursday March 12, 7pm   Utah, Orem—Sheri Palmer (AS ’81, BS ’84) RSVP to: 801-669-3932 or sheri-palmer@byu.eduContinue reading “Where to attend a Night of Nursing location”

Electronic Health Records in Simulations and Its Effects on Student Knowledge of Patient Condition

Charting patient records is a critical part of a nurse’s daily routine. With today’s advanced technology many healthcare institutions have attempted to adapt charting systems to digital formats to make it the process easier. However, some believe using a digital format is not as effective as the typical handwritten format.