Monthly Archives: October 2014

Homecoming happenings

IMG_20141018_100128782The College of Nursing premiered a fun, creative float in the university-wide parade, heard from one of the college’s most recognized alumni and participated in a service project during homecoming week.
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Recent Honor Flight Includes College Faculty and Alumni


Stanley Black

Among the veterans participating in the Utah Honor Flight experience was Stanley Black, 82, of Delta, Utah; Black served in the Korean War.

During the second weekend of September (12-13), five individuals with connections to the BYU College of Nursing participated in an Utah Honor Flight experience.

Funded through donations, the non-profit Honor Flight Network consists of over 127 hubs in 41 states. This flight was also partially-sponsored by Millard County (Fillmore, Utah) that chartered an airplane to send veterans to Washington D.C. in commemoration of their sacrifice and in honor of their service to our country; on average each flight takes 26 veterans.

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The Anatomy of a High-Fidelity Simulation Manikin


Sam, the College of Nursing’s old high-fidelity manikin

The College of Nursing recently purchased new high-fidelity manikins for the NLC. As each needs a name in order to differentiate one from another, the college decided to let its students name the manikins. For those of you who are wondering what these high-tech patient simulators are, here is a little more information.
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